Wang JiZhou

Co-Partner of CUN Design

Cutting-Edge Designer Of 80's 

Senior Architect

Distinguished Young designers in Beijing

Simplicity is not monotonous

Generousity does not mean the lack of delicate

Take advantage of personalized colors

Take the courage to be different

Bright stylish and special avant-garde designs have become the best protagonist in the space

Plain stubborn and norma designs are always regarded as the prelude to the plot

Fall in love with the design and carry it out to your future


Excellent Dining Space of JinTang Prize 2016

One Of Ten Cutting-Edge Designer Of The Year

Sina Neo Power Interior Designer 2016 

Taiwan SAA Award


Yidian Coffee, Beijing

Jason Fusion Cuisine, Beijing

MoYu Princess' Villa in Xiangshan, Beijing

Rosemoo Office Design, Beijing

HI Spicy Hotpot, Beijing