Sanlitun never good food and good stores, but like JASON unbounded so "halfway" fashion restaurant is rare. In the city to become a new "high value" party before, where was a gray main high-cold buyers shop. 

Designed the first generation of space, but also to achieve its transformation, we usually feel that any place in the first design, its function is to be fixed. But I did this design, is to redefine this space.

Because the owner and the chef from Nanjing, Jason respected dishes, wine "unbounded" concept, in the design of the use of the same expression, "the restaurant can not like a restaurant, deck is not necessarily on a certain corner, From a simple dining place, it should be more like a place where you are not at home but fit and meet friends.


From calm and independent, to lively fusion; from dilapidated the United States, to the European style of the gorgeous, despite the great changes, but will be a place to retain the elements down. The location of the original staircase is close to the wall of the straight ladder, and now I put the staircase in the middle of the space, into a rotating form. Can retain the feeling of rusty metal, hoping to be added to the industrialization of things, so that there was some time to feel more modern space. In addition, the metal rotation of the stairs also make the indoor structure more substantial, to strengthen the sense of the first floor of the same time, but also to the bar to let out the location.

Second floor stairs next to the wall, is the original shop to do some of the restoration of murals "paradise". The original works of this piece is an oil painting, we treat it into the texture of the old European mural, the kaolin can be printed on the floor, then print the screen on top. Retained the original tiles a piece of the form. I think the design is to keep the right, remove the wrong. 

For this restaurant, it is in the same space, changing scenes and functions, retaining this mural is an interesting attempt because of its wonderful variety of life scenes, and the restaurant feels very tidy. The second floor of the space, we left it for a lot of flexible maneuver possible. Because the restaurant itself to erase the Chinese food, Western boundaries, clubs, bars boundaries, the boss, the boundaries of the guests, so I did not set up in the second floor can not move any deck.

People can fight for a long time long table, next to the space within the small package there are a variety of arrangements may be. So now, the two is almost always a party, and it will not affect the experience of other guests.To put here into a restaurant, mainly in the design to create an atmosphere, so that the interaction between people and more The Before the second floor is not see a layer of the situation, do not see the table downstairs, but also do not see someone upstairs, the stairs is completely functional device. 


Now, we made the stairs spiral, but also to the original one of the shop, into a cut, there are regional stores. People and people do not interfere with each other, but also contact each other. And now there are four or five people, you can feel is a very lively shop.

A layer of the ground, I used a hexagonal tiles, because the space was originally straight, L-shaped things too much, so we use hexagonal tiles, ceiling decoration, with the curve of the stairs as another one Lines interspersed in space. 


Be added to the space for a new DNA bar. The use of hexagonal, in addition to the ground, in a layer of walls and ceilings of the green grid can be seen, this is our space for this more richer, more deliberately implanted part of the character.

Jason Fusion Cuisine

A high-class meeting place

LocationSanlitun, Beijing

Function:Dining Space

Project Year:2016年