New Asian Face Standing On The IF Design Award - CUN Design


As the world's most influential design award, this year's iF Design Award will be held for the participants, a global design feast. By the Chinese designer Cui Shu led the design team inch-DESIGN by virtue of office design works "from the natural - Beijing ROSEMOO creative space environment design" won the German iF design award.

iF's selection mechanism is the most globally recognized, this year in Schuppen 52 gathered 58 international experts in the jury and 59 countries from around the world 5,575 entries after three days of hard but exciting selection process.

ROSEMOO is one of the few domestic charm of the embodiment of the women's brand, the design of its clothing from the natural meaning of Chinese culture rhyme.ROSEMOO there is a saying: "only for the natural you" naturally is our life The substance of the contact is natural, but also a behavior, it represents not strong, not contrived, not publicity, not impulsive.

So their office space design is also the start, the beauty of the East is the way to express their way, and the natural nature of simple heart.

If the designer only solve the problem of beauty, it began the first stage of the design. Good design should be more than the United States, it should be beautiful. Looks very quiet, the user is very comfortable, feel beautiful, this may be Good meaning.

 Cui Shu


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