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Design team led by Beijing designer Cui Shu -DESIGN With office design works A cutting line - Blue Moon office design was awarded by the International Association of Interior Designers (IIDA) "Global Excellence in Design Award" best Office design award, this award is in Europe three exhibitions in Paris, Paris, home decoration Expo (MAISON & OBJET) on the issue, inch-DESIGN also became the award in the world of the world's only award-winning design team. IIDA was founded in 1994 by the Commercial Design Institute (IBD), the International Association of Interior Designers (ISID), the Federal Interior Designers Council (CFID) three design agencies merged to create a world-class level Interior Designers Association.

The IIDA International Intern Design Association is a professional online education association with 13,000 members throughout the world in 10 professional practice forums and 33 chapters. Founded in 1994, IIDA is headquartered in Chicago, USA, by the Business Design Institute (IBD), the International Association of Interior Designers (ISID), the Federal Interior Design Council (CFID) three design agencies merged, the purpose is to create An international league association with a common mission to represent designers around the world. Since its inception, IIDA has been bringing together interior designers and professionals from all over the world to make unremitting efforts for the interests of the entire association.

As a young designer after 80 - Cui Shu, led the young team to become a new face for Asian designers on the international design arena. Also witnessed the gradual growth of China's design strength, with their own unique design concept of the times, to convey the temperature of the design. Rigorous, meticulous, and tangle of obsessive-compulsive disorder, but full of rebellious, personality, and stubborn symbols, a contradictory creator.

If the designer should be the followers of time, then Cui tree in his design timeline pay attention to the memory of the temperature; more with the current aesthetic language to the current life to do an interpretation; more able to use the way to spy on the future, Do a forward thinking about the future design. In the space with a sense of the same time also gives the impression of the dimension.

Cui Shu

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