The Cover People Of The Year On Interior Design China 2016-2017


December 2 at 10 am, "2016-2017 China interior design annual cover character" awards ceremony in Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Fair was held. The event was sponsored by the US "Interior Design" Chinese magazine, ICC tiles full sponsorship, and received the Guangzhou Design Week's strong support.

Award Presentation Ceremony


Award presentation ceremony by the United States, "Interior Design" Chinese magazine executive editor Han Xiaolan host, INDESIGN Group Deputy General Manager Yang Di Sheng, ICC tiles deputy general manager and general manager of domestic marketing wave into ICC tiles product development director Sebastian, ICC Marketing Manager Wu Kaiyi as a guest attended the event.

American "interior design" Chinese magazine executive editor Han Xiaolan


INDESIGN Group Deputy General Manager Yang Di Sheng     

The selected cover characters include Cui Shu, Chen Huajing, Zeng Linwen (Lim Chan), Liu Zengshen, Meng Yi, Qin Si, Wang Shengjie, Wang Yiwen, Zeng Chuanjie, Zeng Jianlong, Zhao Muhuan, Zhao Yiping.

  "Beauty" is the cover character awards ceremony on the frequency of quite a high word, no doubt, the designers of the cover photos are made very large fan. However, their award is of course by virtue. Came to accept the award, they accepted the host's question and published award-winning speech, many of them wonderful words.

Winners : The Founder Of CUN Design


   Cui Shu believes that designers should "do not experience the design of the slave," he said, "every day to live in their own experience, with the existing method of repeated, this is not the designer to do things ten years ago You can choose another stable job, but I do not want to do the same thing day after day, so I chose to do the design. Design was innovative and updated, only innovation can bring me a happy day.

Winner Meng Ye space creative design firm design director Meng Ye

Winner Mei Di Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. Design Director Zhao Yiping

 Winner of GID, Gelui Long International Design Co., Ltd. Founder and Director Zeng Jianlong

Winner of GID, the Singapore Nuo Te design group founder and design director Wang Shengjie

   Winner Zhao Muhuan interior design research room design director Zhao Muhuan


   In fact, designers are feeling, "interior design" magazine for them to provide a rich supply. In this regard, the host Han Xiaolan said, "thank the designers of the magazine's affirmation, we will, as always, walking in the design industry on the road."