Design Star 2016 Witnessed The Design Generation Of China


"China Design Star" is designed by Guangzhou Design Week to build the world's ceramic aircraft carrier "New source of ceramics" in 2015 for the country after 80 designers initiated, designed to promote China's global design of large-scale lectures "reality show " After two years of operation, the two sides will focus on the "return to nature, focus on the future" core values, 2016 "China Design Star" will serve as the two sides together to create the "China cutting-edge design strength platform," the core activities to "Young to fight," the heroic spirit, interpretation of the Chinese design "the future has come" wonderful. Since the launch of the Chinese design star, not only 80 designers have been actively involved, but also by the design of the Chinese design industry's attention and support, sincerely lamented the platform for the discovery of China's younger generation of new design strength of the major significance.

15 years of design star champion Cui Shu and runner-up Li Yannan and Ji Jun Wang wan cheng

Twelve Chinese design stars score the scene

Cui Shu & Wang Shuai

Today, the design stars also witnessed the gradual growth of China's design strength, so that China's design industry gradually to the international, let us design in the world's platform sounded fever.

Cui Shu     

CUN Design founder, 80 after the space design representative, senior interior architect, 2016 design star executive instructor and in the assembly association furnishings art expert committee committee, building nest award special judges, selected British Andrew Martin

2016 Yearbook, the US interior cover characters, Taiwan cross-strait design cover characters

If the designer should be the followers of time, then Cui Shu in his design timeline pay attention to the memory of the temperature; more with the current aesthetic language to the current life to do an interpretation; more able to use the way to spy on the future, Do a forward thinking about the future design. In the space with a sense of the same time also gives the impression of the dimension.


Representative work